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> Описание: Description: Functions in Kibor
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Download Kibor

Visual programming Kibor

Visual Script Generator
Visual Editor - Visual Editor is a script generator. Does not require knowledge of programming

List of functions Kibor

Connecting External Libraries
external - Connecting your DLLs. Using WinAPI functions in a script from standard libraries

Create dialogs and process messages received by the window
getmessage - Creating functions to be called when a message is received in the dialog

Learning function for recognizing text
readtext - Scans the specified area of??the screen, window or two-dimensional array int where the image is downloaded, cleans the image from noise and recognizes the text and writes it to string or char
loadsymbolbase - Downloads the trained database. You can load several databases
symbolxpos - Returns the position of the character in X from the beginning of the search zone. Left corner
symbolypos - Returns the position of the character by Y from the beginning of the search zone. bottom corner
symbolwidth - Returns the width of the character
symbolheight - Returns the height of the symbol
symbolcorrect - Returns the evaluation of the correctness of character recognition. maximum 1
symboltype - Returns the type of the symbol. 0 digit, 1 Russian, 2 English, 3 punctuation, etc.
enablesymbolbase - connects the selected database to the previously loaded loadsymbolbase
disablesymbolbase - disables the specifically selected database loaded by the loadsymbolbase

Pointer to a window or control, thread binding, cursor definition
window - Gets a pointer to a window or control
getwindow - Lets you get a pointer to a window or control at the specified coordinates
selectwindow - Gets a pointer to the main game window under the protection of Frost and others
setwindowparam - Updates information in the win structure by the win pointer in the parameter
attach - Binds the stream to determine the cursor type
getcursor - Cursor type definition

Manage windows
movewindow - Rename, shift and resize windows
moveclient - Renaming a window, shifting and resizing windows (client coordinates, without windowing)
activate - Activate the window
enabledeactive - Enable deactivation of the window
disabledeactive - Disable deactivation of the window
start - Opening files and launching programs
- Changes the language layout in the window
transparency - Transparency/semi transparency and hiding the window from the screen with saving the ability to get an image from it

Sending any messages to the system
sendmessage - Sends the specified message to the window or windows with a wait
postmessage - Sends the specified message to the window or windows without waiting

CMD command line
system - The function performs the specified command through the system command

Keyboard Management
key - Press and release the keyboard shortcut
keydown - Press the keyboard shortcut
keyup - Release the shortcut key
Not active window
sendkey - Send a keypress to an inactive window directly
sendkeydown - Will press the keyboard key in the inactive window
sendkeyup - Will release the keyboard key in the inactive window
sendtext - Send text to a window or control

Mouse control
enablerealmouse - Includes human mouse behavior when clicking and moving
disablerealmouse - Disables the human mouse behavior
mouse - Click the mouse button
mousedown - Click the mouse button
mouseup - Release the mouse button
mousedbl - Double click the mouse
mousemove - Move the mouse to the new coordinates
mousetransfer - Smoothly drag the mouse with or without buttons
Not active window
sendmouse - Mouse click in an inactive or minimized window or control
sendmousedown - Makes the mouse click in an inactive or minimized window or control
sendmousetransfer - Drag and drop the mouse in an inactive or minimized window or control
sendmouseup - Releases the clipped mouse button in an inactive or minimized window or control
sendmousedbl - Double-click in the inactive or minimized window or control
sendmousemove - Move the mouse to new coordinates in an inactive or minimized window or control


Managing Controls in Applications
button - Send a click to another program

Loading images into memory Kibor, size determination
loadimage - Upload image to program memory from file
imagewidth - Get the width of the image loaded into the Kibor memory
imageheight - Get the height of the image loaded into the Kibor memory

Scan a screen image
finddynamic - Search for dynamically changing areas of the screen
findimage - Search for the image on the screen by the mask of the image of the stored Kibor. Incomplete match search example
findheapcolor - Searches for areas on which there are pores of pixels of certain colors
getcolor - Get the pixel color
scanpixel - Compares the input color with the pixel color in the entered coordinates based on the difference in RGB colors
findcolor - Find all the coordinates of all pixels of the specified color

Getting the screenshots, saving them to the file and in the memory Kibor
screen - Makes the screen of the window and writes it into the Kibor's memory in a two-dimensional array int
savescreen - Makes the screen of the window and saves it to disk with the file .bmp .png .jpg
saveimage - Saves to disk a file .bmp .png .jpg a previously loaded or created software two-dimensional array int in which the image is stored

Getting information about mouse buttons and mouse coordinates
getkeystate - Definition of status (pressed-not pressed) key of the keyboard or button Mouse ( key codes )
getmouse - Get the current coordinates of the mouse

Data exchange between program scripts and management of one program from another
writebuffer - writes to its buffer or to the buffer of the specified program
readbuffer - Reads from its buffer or the specified program buffer

Data exchange, control and management between programs via the Internet
writebuffernet - Write to the buffer on the server
readbuffernet - Reads from the buffer on the server

Create a server. Data exchange between the Kibor and EXE programs according to the Client-Server-Client scheme
enablelistenport - Enable port listening
recvport - Start listening. in a separate thread
sendport - When you receive a message in the recvport function, you can answer this function
disablelistenport - Disable listeners

Opening processes. Reading and writing to memory of other programs
openprocess - Open the process for reading or writing to it memory
findmemory - Finding any data in process memory
findmemorymask - Finding data in process memory by mask (not including some bytes in the search)
readmemory - Reads bytes from process memory
writememory - Writes bytes into the process memory
freezememory - Writes a set of bytes in the memory of the process to the specified address and freezes them (that is, not gives the program to change them)
freememory - Defrosts frozen data

Working with the Internet
sendgetweb - Intended to send HTTPS and HTTP requests to the site and receive a response
opensocket - Drops the socket
sendhtml - Sends bytes to the server
recvhtml - Receives a response from the server
closesocket - Close socket

Reading and writing to files
fopen - Open the file for reading or writing ( text and binary mode )
fclose - Close the previously opened file
fwrit - Write to an open file (text and binary mode )
fread - Reads from an open file (text and binary mode )
freadline - Reading a line from a file

Working with time, pause
sleep - Suspend the script execution for a while with freezing Kibor
pause - Pause the script execution for a time without freezing Kibor
gettime - Get the time in milliseconds that passed since the computer started
getlocaltime - Get the local time in the format Year - ... - milliseconds

Working with the clipboard
writeclipboard - Writing to the clipboard
readclipboard - Reading from the clipboard

Display text on the screen
textbkcolor - Set the text and background color for output directly to the screen
textout - Displays text on the screen
enabletextout - Disable text on the screen
disabletextout - Enable display of text on the screen
resettextout - Reset text

Get the address of the variable in the memory (pointer) and the value at this address. Write data to
loword- Retrieves the lower word from the specified value.
hiword- Extract the high word from the specified value.
address - Returns a pointer to the variable that is specified in the parameter
addressi - Reads 4 bytes (int)
addressd - Reads 8 bytes (double)
addresss - Reads to the first 0 a string (string)
addressc - Reads 1 char byte (char)
writeaddress - Write data to the address

Regular Expressions
regexsearch - Looks for a text in the text using the regular expression pattern
regexreplace - Looks for text in the text using the regular expression pattern and replaces it with the specified text
regexstart - Recognizes the starting position of a found fragment
regexend - Recognizes the finishing position of the found fragment
findtext - Search for text between specified text blocks
replacetext - Replacing text in a string
deletetext - Removing the specified blocks of text and symbols

Converting one data type to another
format - Drive integer integer or fractional double or array char to string
formatsn - Convert strings in which numbers are written to a natural number int or double
formatci - Returns int char'a values??in the parameter
formatic - Returns the char of the chic value in the parameter
strcpy - Copying string to the array char
formatwi - converts the win pointer to int
formatiw - converts int to win
codhex - Converts integer or fractional numbers (up to 4 bytes) to HEX (right to left )
codhexi - Translates hexadecimal HEX code into an integer int (right to left).
codhexd - Translates hexadecimal HEX code to a fractional number double (float) (right to left) .

Initialization of data created by arrays
initialarray- Filling arrays with the same data

Getting color components in RGB from color to int and vice versa
rvalue - Get the red component (1 byte)
gvalue - Get the green component (1 byte)
bvalue - Get the blue component (1 byte)
rgb - Returns a color to int with a single number of three RGB components

Mathematical and geometric functions
pow - Exponentiation calculation
sqrt - Calculating the root
cos - Returns the cosine of the angle in degrees
sin - Returns the sine of the angle in degrees
tan - Returns the tangent of the angle in degrees
acos - Returns the akosinus
asin - Returns an async
atan - Returns atangent

sort - Sorts the data in an array. It also sorts coordinates in a two-dimensional array from the specified point

Finding the shortest path in the labyrinth
findpath - Finds the shortest path in the labyrinth in a two-dimensional array

Defining the size of the data
size - Returns the number of elements in the char array to the first zero or the length of the string string
sizearray - Returns the size of the selected array

sound - Plays wav files
beep - A beep sounds

rand - Getting a random number
keymouserand - Randomizes the pause between keystrokes
mousedblrand - Randomizes mouse pause between double-clicking

Working with the screen
getdisplay - Get color and screen resolution information
senddisplay - Change the color or screen resolution
update - Refresh the window

Entering data while the script is running
input - Displays the dialog for data entry

Displaying messages
messagebox - Text message output
messageboxyn - Displays a text message with buttons (Yes No)
messageboxync - Displays a text message with buttons (Yes No Cancel)

The Kibor interface and the graphical shell and the control of the controls of the created EXE.
CREATE_INTERFACE - The code block that creates the graphical shell
sendcontrol - Sends data to the control created in Kibor
getcontrol - Reads the data from the control created in Kibor
close - Software shutdown of Kibor or the assembled EXE
rename - Rename the Kibor window -& nbsp; rename (& quot; New name& quot;)

Non-modal dialog boxes for interactive script management.
createdialog - Create a modeless dialog and controls
showdialog - Show the window
hidedialog - Hide window
destroydialog - Destroy the window
gethwnd -Get the HWND of the created window

Executing a portion of the script before opening the graphical shell.
INITDIALOG - The block of code that runs before the start of the graphical shell

antianticlicker - Software shutdown and activation of the anti-virus

Getting a personal computer key
individualcode - returns string in which there is an individual key of the machine on which it is running. The one that can be found in the About window.

Software settings settings
options - allows you to programmatically configure the program as in the menu - settings. Use to change settings in the assembled EXE

Displaying the desired images from the overlapped window of all windows
visualwindow - Displays the part of the image of the selected window, file or screen on top of all windows or on the dialog window
disablevisualwindow - Disable output by serial number
enablevisualwindow - Enable disabled output by serial number

Getting information about folders and files
dir - Displays the names of all the folders and/or files in the specified folder

Timer function (time-based code)
CREATE_TIMER - Indicates the code block executed by the timer
enabletimer - Enables the created timer
disabletimer - Turns off the created timer
sendtimer - Changes the response time of the created timer

Packing files into the resources of the assembled EXE
RESOURCE - Indicates the block for specifying the files to be added to the resources
unpack - Unpacks the resource in a file
resource - Load the file from the resource into the char array without unpacking it p>

Getting Folder Paths
pathfolder - Returns the path to the program folder
tempfolder - Returns the path to the temporary folder

List of Kibor variables

char is 1 byte and can contain 1 character
int - Integer
double - Fractional number
string - Text string
win - Pointer to the window or control for their identification

List of Kibor operators

include - Connects additional files to the script, copying them to the place where the directive is called
define - Sets a macro (macro) or symbolic constant
definefile - Sets a list from a macro definition file (macros) or symbolic constants.
icon - Change the file icon when building a project in EXE or downloading a script to the server with the creation of an EXE
if - Allows you to compare data between
else - Doing the reverse if
for - Loop with condition check
while - Another loop with condition check
loop - Closed loop or loop specified number of cycles
looptime - Executing a cycle specified time
goto - Unconditional transition
break - Interrupting loops - while, for, loop, looptime
continue - Skipping the rest of the code in cycles loop, while, for, looptime
new - Dynamic memory allocation
delete - Deleting dynamically allocated memory
return - Exit the function with or without return
global - Exit the function by the goto operator on the global label outside the function
function - Function notation

A pointer to Kibor

# - Indicates a pointer to the address of a variable

Tools Kibor

Text Editor - Editor for entering the code

Spy for getting data about windows and controls - Gets information about the sizes, coordinates of windows and controls, mouse coordinates, cursor type and t .

Graphic editor for preparing graphic materials - Allows you to quickly get all the necessary images for their search, filter out the dynamics, etc.

Visual Dialog Editor - Allows you to create dialog boxes for the program visually

Text recognition - Allows you to train and configure text recognition function readtext

Visual Code Editor - Allows to create a bot without programming

Logging work in real time. Output a line of code when an error occurs in the script -Logging work in real time. Output a line of code when an error occurs in the script

Downloading scripts to the server for demo mode - Loads your script to the server. Provides its invisibility to other users and gives them the ability to run it in demo mode

Managing User Licenses - Grants the right to use the downloaded script to individual users on specified terms

The pixel color calculator for obtaining optimal colors for searching - Allows you to determine the optimal pixel colors with the difference shades to identify the object

Building the launch EXE - Allows you to build the script into a stand-alone program (in which you can, if necessary, pack resources ) to run it without installing Kibor
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The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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