The usual version of Kibor has all the necessary functionality for writing scripts and using them, either by running them in Kibor or by gathering them into executable exe files.

The maximum and extended versions have several additional, not mandatory for personal use functions.

The maximum has all functions extended and several additional ones:

Extended version:

You can get the Extended version of Kibor for a day ( one registration in this way ) yourself by this link making a simple task. In this case, the collected EXEs in the Kibor registered in this way will not have the maximum version (private AntiAntiklicer and program connection via the Internet). For permanent registration, see the information below.

To receive the Maximum or Extended version for a period of half a year, you need to download Registrar Kibor.

Registrar Kibor

With the help of the registrar you can register the Maximum or Extended version of Kibor on two computers for a period of 6 months.
Also during this period, you can change the registered keys for 2 computers (with deleting the past) 2 times, in case of changing the key on the computer or reinstalling Kibor on another (third) computer.
The program key you need to register can be found in the About the Program in Kibor menu. The cyborg must be installed on the user's computer where it will be used.

The recorder you downloaded is unique in each case, and should not be accessed by another user in order to avoid using your registration keys.

The Check of the Maximum and the Extended version occurs online, therefore at start Kibor there should be an Internet connection.

The cost of the Registrar is 6 dollars for a half year. Subsequent extensions are $ 4.
The cost of the registrar The maximum version of the version for half a year is $ 8. Subsequent extensions of $ 5.
At the moment, the transition from the extended version to a maximum of $ 5 with a full extension of the term.

The reference to the registrar is sent after payment.
At the moment, you can get a registrar without payment. To do this, you need to publish an article about the program Kibor with links to the site of the program.
This can be a completed lesson using Kibor for any action. Or a complete, interesting description of Kibor with examples of use. Not plagiarism. Not a link in the social network or a simple post in an open topic. The article should be posted on the visited resource (forum or blog) and provide traffic within three days from it.
Then you need to throw me a personal link.

Regarding the reception of the registrar, write to forum of the program Kibor admin in the Personal Account.