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Added Timer.
CREATE_TIMER - Indicates the code block executed by the timer.


CREATE_TIMER (0, 1000)
// here the code is executed every 1000 msec.

the first is the timer number. You can create up to 100 timers from 0 to 99.
the second is the time in milliseconds through which the code block in the timer will be executed.

The code in the timer works in sequence with the main code.
When the response time comes, control is transferred to the timer unit.
When the code in the block is processed, control returns to the line with which the execution of the main code was interrupted.

Timers are useful for constantly monitoring keystrokes, scanning some data, etc.

From the timer, you can exit with goto to any label in the code (except in the function). In this case, the return to the interrupted line will not occur.
In the timer, you can call functions and execute any code without exception.

int a=0;
int x, y;
int color;

enabletimer (0);
enabletimer (1);

j: textout (0, 100, 100, format (a), 1);
textout (1, x + 10, y + 10, format (color), 1);
sleep (10);
goto j;

exit :;

CREATE_TIMER (0, 1000)
a ++;
if (a> 100) a=0;

getmouse (x, y);
color=getcolor (x, y);
if (color == 0) goto exit;

You can control the timer with the following functions:
enabletimer - enables the created timer and sets the timer time to zero.
enabletimer (0);

disabletimer - turns off the created timer.
disabletimer (0);

sendtimer - changes the response time of the created timer.
sendtimer (0, 1000);

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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