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The function scanpixel compares the input color with the pixel color in the entered coordinates, based on the difference in RGB colors.

scanpixel (CoordinateX, CoordinateY, color_int_int, Red_less_, Red_Larger_, Green_Message_, Green_Large_, Blue_Message, Blue_Large_number, pointer_to_On window)

Returns 1 if the entered color fits within the range. 0 - did not meet.

To find the optimal colors and their number, taking into account the color difference, you can use this tool Selection of Colors Kibor.

Each color consists of three primary colors - Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B). (R, G, B). Each of these three colors is denoted by a number from 0 to 255. For example, the color (0, 0, 0) will be black, and (255, 255, 255) white. (255, 0, 0) red, and (255, 50, 70) red with an admixture of green and blue.

Parameter designation:
Red_small_na - here we specify the number HA which the red component may be less than what is in the search.
Red_bolshe__na - here we specify the number HA which the red component can be more than what is in the search.
Green_less_, Green_Larger_, Blue_Message, Blue_Bolsh_a similarly.

A pointer to the window can take -1. Coordinates in this case are screen. Otherwise, the window coordinates relative to this pointer ...

.................................................. ....................................................

findcolor - find all the coordinates of all the pixels of the specified color.

findcolor (- 1, #x [0], # y [0], start, start, finish, finish, color, w);

The first parameter is the amount of the maximum searchable pixels. If -1 - search for all how many will find.
The second and third are a pointer to arrays int coordinate receivers.
The fourth - the seventh - The beginning, the end of the search zone.
Eighth - Search Color
the ninth - a pointer to the window. If -1 is on the whole screen.
If there is a pointer to the window - the returned coordinates are windowed.

findcolor returns the number of pixels found
Or -1 if the receiver array is smaller by X
-2 the size of the array of the receiver is smaller in Y

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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