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Added the ability to program clicks and drag and drop the mouse in a minimized and inactive window.

sendmouse - Makes a click in the client coordinates of the CONTROL window pointed to by the pointer.

sendmouse (LEFT, 200, 250, wind);

The third and fourth parameters indicate the client coordinates of the CONTROL that the wind indicator points to.

How to get the pointer to control:
An example of getting a pointer to the client part of the PAINT window.
Point the mouse on the drawing field, press CTRL + SHIFT + S. At the top of the spy is a pointer to the program window PAINT. The necessary pointer to the control in which the drawing itself takes place is at the bottom.
For all functions starting with send, you should receive pointers not to the main window, but to the control (if it appears, when you press CTRL + SHIFT + S). The same goes for sendkey, sendkeydown, and sendkeyup.


sendmousedown (LEFT, 200, 250, wind) - presses the left mouse button. RIGHT right, MIDDLE middle.
sendmouseup (LEFT, 200, 250, wind) - releases the left mouse button. RIGHT right, MIDDLE middle.
sendmousedbl (LEFT, 200, 250, wind) - double click with the left mouse button. RIGHT right, MIDDLE middle.

sendmousemove (200, 250, wind) - move the mouse to the specified client coordinates of the window.

sendmousetransfer (LEFT, 200, 250, 300, 350, 0.02, wind) - dragging with the left button pressed, RIGHT right, MIDDLE middle, -1 not pressed.


An example of drawing in a minimized window:
win w=window (-1, "Afx: 00000000FFB90000: 8", window ("Untitled - Paint", "MSPaintApp", -1)); // Get a pointer to the field for drawing in Paint
sendmousetransfer (LEFT, 200, 200, 250, 250, 0.02, w); // Draw a line with the left mouse button pressed from the client coordinates of 200, 200 to 250, 250.


But for example, in the Mozilla browser, one pointer to the main window and just get a pointer to the main window at the top of the spy. Coordinates for which the clicks will go can be found by pointing the mouse at the desired link and pressing CTRL + SHIFT + S. We take the coordinates for the click in the Mouse field in the client part of the window.

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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