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transparency allows you to set transparency for any windows in the system.
The transparency is set from 0 to 100 percent visibility.

Also, using transparency , you can not only make the window visually invisible, but also completely make it transparent to the mouse. that is, as if it is collapsed .. and at the same time be able to work with its image in the background as overlapped.

transparency (20, w);

the first is the percentage of visibility or -1. if -1 the window will not only not visible visually, but also not visible to the mouse. you can click through it. as if there is no window ..
the second - to the window pointer

returns 1 on success. less than 1 with no luck.

it is possible to control different windows individually via pointers, or control all previously controlled windows by calling transparency without a pointer. only with percent transparency or -1.
transparency (100);

will return all the windows previously exchanged full visibility.

example. run the calculator and notepad. all except them to collapse that they alone on the desktop were. behind them to place labels any. for the test.

win w=window ("Calculator", "CalcFrame", -1); // this calculator
win w1=window ("Untitled", "Notepad", -1); // and this notebook

transparency (0, w1); // make the notebook fully transparent, but it does not allow clicking on the rear windows
transparency (50, w); // make the calculator 50% transparency
messagebox ("the notebook is completely transparent, but it does not allow clicking on the back windows.) The calculator is 50 percent transparency");

transparency (10, w1); // make a notepad 10% transparency
transparency (-1, w); // make the calculator completely transparent, and let's click through it. that is, as if he is not at all
messagebox ("10 percent transparency pad, the calculator is completely transparent, and let's click through it.");

visualwindow (0, 17, 2, 195, 246, 30, 50, 100, w); // get the image in the transparent calculator to which the mouse does not respond. that is, as if folded
messagebox ("get the image in a transparent calculator that the mouse does not react to as a collapsed one");

transparency (100);
messagebox ("returned to all visibility");

and this example will show how by pressing Ё you can make the visibility of minimizing the browser or any program with saving the receipt of its image

win w;
int x, y;
int prozr=0;

getmouse (x, y);
w=getwindow (1, x, y); // or w=getwindow (0, x, y); depends on the program
if (w == 0) {messagebox ("error. run the mouse was over something .."); goto er;}

visualwindow (0, 17, 2, 195, 246, 30, 50, 100, w);

l: if (prozr == 0)
if (getkeystate (192) == 1)
transparency (-1, w);
kk: if (getkeystate (192) == 1) {sleep (20); goto kk;}
if (getkeystate (192) == 1)
transparency (100, w);
kk: if (getkeystate (192) == 1) {sleep (20); goto kk;}
sleep (50);
goto l;
er :;

this makes it possible to build such bots

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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