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In the settings added the ability to specify its pause in the functions mouse, key, mousedbl, sendmousedbl, sendmouse, sendkey .

You can edit the pause between pressing and releasing the button and double-clicking the mouse.

Added the functions of randomizing these pauses programmatically.
keymouserand - randomizes the pause between pressing and releasing the buttons in mouse, key, sendmouse, sendkey .

mousedblrand - randomizes the pause between double-clicking the mouse in mousedbl, sendmousedbl .

keymouserand (50); // increases the pause between pressing and releasing by 0 - 50 msec.
mousedblrand (120); // increments the pause by double-clicking the mouse for 0 - 120 msec.
Only a positive number is accepted. To enable a random host, it is enough to call these functions at the beginning of the script once. After the call, each pause will be randomized separately.

To disable the host, you must call these functions with zero
keymouserand (0);
mousedblrand (0);


Finished getcolor .
Now it works with an overlapped window and is not blocked by GameGuard. More information about getcolor


Dorobotal antiantikler. Specifically, working out keydown keyup with the parameters int .
keydown (56);
sleep (100);
keyup (56);

If it hangs when you turn on Anti-AntiClicker and the ps / 2 device is - disable mouse and keyboard testing in the Anti-Anti-Clicks settings.

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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