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There was an opportunity at a load of a script on the server to generate EXE which it is possible to distribute without the program Kibor.
When you run this EXE into its memory, the corresponding script is downloaded from the server, information about it is given, which the developer gave. In the same way infa is displayed about the end and the term of the demo version.
If the demo time for this machine has not yet ended - you can run the script for execution.

You can create such an EXE at any time, not necessarily when you download the script to the server.
It's enough in the window (Downloading the script to the server) the name of the script and clicking the button - Create a startup EXE ...
There will be a check for the presence of a script on the server and you have the rights to create a bootable EXE for this script. If everything went well - read the script from the server and EXE will appear in the folder with Kibor.

Here is an example of distributing a demo version without Kibor:
Download archive with pictures and running EXE
Unpack in C. Drawings should be along the following path:
C:\Lk \ Res.bmp

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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