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Allows you to enable and disable antantiklicer software.
Useful in the assembled exe ..

antianticlicker (1); // includes a public
antianticlicker (0); // turns off the public

antianticlicker (1, "x32"); // Includes a private antantiklicer that currently manages with any protection
antianticlicker (0, "x32"); // turns off private
What would be and was later - More about this anti-antibiotic. Limiting unlicensed versions and obtaining a license

Example how it can be done in the created window

DIALOG "Window name" 237 180 // SizeX SizeY
BUTTONSCRIPT "Run" 125 121 100 25 // PositionX PositionY SizeX SizeY
// Adding Controls ......
CHECK_0 0 / * Disabled * / "Enable Anti-Tanker" 10 10 155 18 // PositionX PositionY SizeX SizeY


antianticlicker (getcontrol (CHECK_0));

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////

Added the ability to manage the settings in the assembled EXE
An example of setting the settings in anti-moto:

options ("antianticlicker", int, int, int, int, int, int, int);
The first is to indicate that we are setting up
The second is the type of mouse. 2 - 2 buttons or a touchpad, 3 - 3 buttons.
The third is to enable emulation of the keyboard. (1 on, 0 off)
The fourth is to enable mouse click emulation. (1 on, 0 off)
The fifth is to enable the mouse movement emulation. (1 on, 0 off)
The sixth - the speed of movement (1 - 10)
Seventh - 0 do not conduct an anti-antibody test, 1 conduct
Eighth - 1 display messages anti-antiklikera, 0 do not display
options ("antianticlicker", 2, 1, 1, 1, 5, 1, 1);
Important! Set options before by turning on the anti-blocker.

If it hangs when you turn on Anti-AntiClicker and the ps / 2 device is - disable mouse and keyboard testing in the Anti-Anti-Clicks settings.
----- =========== --------------

Also, in the function options , you can configure the program parameters in the settings tab of the cue (pause).
options ("pause", 35, 85);
will pause 35 msec between pressing and releasing the mouse button and the keys in the functions key and mouse.
and a pause of 85 ms between double clicks (mousedbl) ..

----- =========== --------------
In options , you can change the hotkey for stopping the script.
That is the very letter.
options ("stop", "C");
Will stop the script on COTTON SHIFT C
Warning! The second parameter must be English. the letter of the big register.

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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