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> Описание: Defines the identifier and the sequence of characters that will be replaced by the identifier (macro)
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#define and #definefile directives added
The purpose is to find and replace the specified macros with the specified code.
#define - Used to specify the macro and code directly in the code itself. Replacement occurs at the preprocessor level before processing the script.
#definefile - Used to connect a file with a list of macros.
The file is not copied into the code, but the found matches are read and replaced without copying the list into the script.

All WM_COMMAND constants in the code will be replaced by the specified number 273
#define WM_COMMAND 273

#define frue 1
int a=1;
if (a==frue) messagebox("a==frue");

Spaces in the macro and replace string are not allowed.

#define (space) Macro (space) Substitution Characters


#definefile connects the file with a list of macros.
The list is as follows:

frue 1

#define is not specified in the file.

Spaces in the macro and replace string are not allowed.

#definefile "C:\file_macros.txt"

File resolution is not important.


At the moment, an internal macro list is saved in Cybour until the list file has been prepared. Then this file will replace it, which will be supplied with the program.


If there are duplicate macros, they are not listed again in the list, but their value changes to the last one.

The Visual Code Editor is Kibor. Creating bots without knowledge of programming.

Learning function for recognizing text.
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