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Warning. The format has been changed. To open the old format, you must select in the menu - Open the old version to 5.39.

In this version, in the search box findimage and findheapcolor in the visual editor has been added settings, allowing you to indicate the need to wait for the missing image after its location and click on it.
It is possible to specify the time during which the unit will wait until the object disappears.
It is also possible to specify the number of cycles that the block will repeat if the object has not disappeared at the specified time.

Found a button, clicked on it and wait for 5 seconds that it will disappear (the game will move to a new level), but the button did not disappear (hung or not worked). Then the control will go along the path of the Transition if it is not true.
If we specify the number of repetitions, then if the button does not disappear within the specified time, the block will again find it and click. And again will wait until it disappears. If, at the end of all cycles, the button does not disappear - Go to the wrong.

This setting is convenient when you have to wait for the response from the game / program. If the objects in the game are highlighted when the mouse is pointed at them, you must use the mouse escape settings in the same block. And use the pause if you found and acted with the mouse. In this case, the mouse clicks, takes away, then the pause for which the object if not disappeared will have time to go out and then already check or it is not lost.

Using these settings

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