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Creating bots without programming is a visual code editor for Kibor. Visual programming.

Unique visual editor Kibor allows you to create bots without knowledge of programming in a matter of minutes. At the same time, the operation takes place only at the level of drawing on the canvas with a pencil in an almost free style of the logic of the bot's actions.

The mechanism of visual programming is this:

The user enters the "Tools - Visual Code Editor" menu. A canvas is opened, on which the bot's diagram is drawn in a form familiar to human perception. With the help of dialog functions, the necessary parameters are set. Using the drawn lines, establishes logical connections. When you click on the "Get code" button, Kibor will generate a ready-to-use bot script.

Work in the visual code generator code is so simple (almost like drawing in Paint) that does not need a detailed description.

Bot scheme for Hay Day. The boat sows grain, harvests the crop and, if necessary, moves to the shop where everything sells.

The visual editor has a Russian and English interface

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