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1. Kibor - 24 Октября, 2018 - 19:09:44 - перейти к сообщению
Added the ability to exit a function using the goto command to a label outside the function. Deviation from the rules, but sometimes it can be very convenient when you have to leave the nested functions in a certain place of the general code.

The operator goto allows you to go to the line of code with the appropriate label.
In functions, this transition goes to local labels (located in this function).
Added operator global
goto global

Being written in a function, it allows you to exit from a function to a global label declared outside of functions.


a:; //№ 1
ff ();

function ff ()
a:; //№ 2
goto a; //Prereydet on a tag № 2
goto global a; //Preload on a label a № 1

Labels declared in include will not be distributed.

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